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Airtel How To Get Free 1GB 3G 4G Data On Any Android Phone

Airtel Free Internet On Any Android 

Airtel Free Internet On Any Android 

Friends will tell you in today’s post about how you can get Airtel free internet. In simple way, I will tell you how you can get 1 GB, but first of all let me tell you about it. Posting is done with the help of some VPNs, some settings are done by some Airtel company, so today the trick in which Airtel company has officially offer If you want to download data in the free Airtel SIM then you should look at this post carefully and follow all the steps given below. Let’s Get Started.

Requirement Things To Get Free 1 GB Data On Sim Card

Things 1st :- You have 1 Android Mobile

Things 2nd :- You have a 1 Airtel SIM card

Things 3rd :- You must have data in the SIM card, either wifi data.

Things 4th :- You need to download 1 Airtel TV app in your mobile, which will help you get 1 gb of data for free.

How To Download Airtel TV App And Get 1 GB Free Internet Data

Airtel TV App :- Click Here

Airtel TV App And Get 1 GB Free

Friends, if you want to download Airtel SIM 1 gb data in free, you will have to download 1 app in your mobile which will give you 1 gb of data in your mobile, then the name of that app is AirTel TV and the download link of the app is kept upwards. You can download this Airtel TV app by simply clicking on it. If you do not have this app again, then you can go to the Play Store and search it. They will come in the search result and you can install this app directly by clicking on the app.

Follow Step To Get 1GB free Internet On Android Mobile.

Step 1st :- First of all you need to download Airtel TV app in your android mobile and install it in your mobile.

Step 2nd :- Then you have to open it Airtel TV App.

Step 3rd :- Then when you open the First Time App, you have to Allow all the Terms And Conditions.

Step 4th :- Then you will have an option to select the language, then select the language you want to select and click Confirm.

Step 5th :- Then you have to register in the app then you will have the option of registering in the app then you will get your mobile no, there will be OTP on your mobile, then you are able to enter that secret Otp in that box, then when you get registered then you have 1 message will come that you get 1 gb free internet which you can use in any item.

If you like this trick, then you can follow our website and share this post to your friend so that they can also enjoy 1GB free internet. Goodbye to you in the next post.

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