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Airtel High Speed Free 3g-4g Internet Trick With Tweakware VPN App

Airtel Free 3G/4G Internet trick with

Tweakware VPN Trick for airtel internet on android 100% working

Friends are going to tell you in today’s post about how you can run Fast Free Internet in Airtel’s SIM. This trick is working in All Over India and with the help of this trick you can enjoy Unlimited Free Downloading. You just have to download Tweakware VPN App in your mobile, named Tweakware VPN Apk and after downloading this app, after changing some settings you have to run free internet in your mobile. Let’s tell you this trick is very few people know and many people do not believe in the free internet. But let me tell you this trick is real and by this you can run the fastest internet free of charge but this trick only I have uploaded the free internet tricks of all the SIMs before this, so you can also read that by going to our website’s Home Page, let’s go to today’s trick. The fall of how you use Free Internet In Tweakware Vpn-Airtel Free Ineternet 1GB daily 100% working. So Lets Get Started.

Requirement Things To Use Airtel high speed Free Internet trick working in all india

Things 1st :- You must have Android mobile that is working as a properly.

Things 2nd :- You must have Airtel SIM card which catches Networks well and it will be 2G,3G,4G.

Things 3rd :- You need to download Tweakware Vpn Apk in your mobile. Airtel Free Internet Tweakware Vpn App, with the help of which you will get free internet data :- Click Here To Download

Things 4th :- And you have a little bit of Internet connection, we need to download an Tweakware Vpn app with the help of internet.

Things 5th :- You have 0 Balance. If you have balance in your Airtel SIM card, it will be cut

Things 5th :- And Some Little Bit Patience.

How To Download Tweakware Vpn Apk And Use Free Internet In Sim Card

 Tweakware Vpn Apk Download Link :- Click Here

Free net in Airtel by tweakware apk in hindi

Airtel free internet 3G 4G On Twerk It VPN App 100% Working

Now friends, if you want free internet then you will have to download Tweakware Vpn app. With the help of this, we will get free internet in the Airtel SIM card, then you can download this Tweakware Vpn app. Click on the download button above to download the app. And your app will start downloading. If your app is not downloaded yet, then you can also download it by searching on Google.

Step By Step To Get Airtel 3G&4G Free Internet Latest Trick on Android Phone

Step 1st :- First of all you have to download Tweakware Vpn Apk. and install it in your Android mobile.

Step 2nd :- Then you have to open your Tweakware Vpn Apk.

Step 3rd :- The way you do the settings on the lower side, in the same way you can do it in your mobile.

Multi Preferences: Custom

Preferences Name: Custom

FrontQuery: Blank

MiddleQuery: Blank

BackQuery: Blank


Add Port to non-Port URL: Blank

Remove Port: Right Click

Proxy Type: Dual Real Host

Custom Header:X-Online-Host

Proxy Server:

User Name: Blank

Password: Blank

Real Proxy Type: Default

Real Proxy Server: Blank

Real Proxy Port: 80

Child Lock: Non Right 

Chold Lock Code: Blank

Free Internet Working Trick For All Sim

airtel free internet app

Airtel Free Internet Trick 3G/4G Speed 1Gb Limit

Step 4th :- You can then save the settings by clicking on the OK button.

Step 5th :- After You Have Show To Option Then Click On Tunnel Whole Device. Also Allow All Tram And Conditions.

Step 6th :- Now Wait Few Seconds Your Tweakware Vpn Apk Connected  Automatically. Then After The Connected VPN You Enjoy free Internet in Your Android Mobile. 

Proof Of Use Free Internet Airtel Vpn Trick For Android Devices 

Airtel free Internet tricks any Android device

Friends You will also see the proof of this tricks. Many people think that the tricks will be Fake, so do not think that even today, many people post the website ‘Fake Tricks’, they will give you proof too, so that you believe in me The trick is real, the above image is a proof of this trick, so you can see it from the bottom and in every post, I’m checking that if you can get it from the proof, then now your tricks Moving towards.

If you like this trick, then you can follow our website and share this post to your friend so that they can also enjoy New Airtel Internet Free Trick For All States (Latest 2019).Goodbye to you in the next post.

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