Wednesday, June 26, 2019 > Airtel Free Internet > Airtel Free Unlimited Internet 2G/3G/4G New Trick 2019 | 100% Working Free Internet Trick |

Airtel Free Unlimited Internet 2G/3G/4G New Trick 2019 | 100% Working Free Internet Trick |

Airtel Free Unlimited Internet 2G/3G/4G New Trick 2019

Airtel Free Internet Trick 2019

Friends, a lot of people ask me whether we can run free internet and if this is true or false, then today I will tell you the correct answer. Yes, you can run the free internet in any of your SIM cards but today’s In the post, I will tell you how you can run free internet in the Airtel SIM card. It is very easy to follow some steps and you have free internet in your android mobile. You can just download 1 VPN App and have some settings and you will be able to access the free internet in your Airtel SIM. With very easy, let’s start today’s post and tell you how do you get the Airtel SIM card Can run free internet.

Requirement Things To Use Airtel Free Unlimited Internet

Things 1st :- You must have an Airtel SIM card that works

Things 2nd :- You have to have 0 balance in the Airtel SIM card. If you have money in your mobile, then the money will be deducted, you must have 0 balance.

Things 3rd :- It should be Download Psiphon 82 Handler app in your Android mobile

Things 4th :- Some Little Patience.

How To Download Psiphon 82 Handler VPN APK.

Psiphon 82 Handler Download Apk. LInk 1st :- Click Here

Psiphon 82 Handler Download Apk. LInk 2st :- Click Here

Friends, you have to download Psiphon 82 Handler app to run the free internet, so it will give you the download link of the app in the upper side. You can download these apps from it, so if you give 2 links to download the Psiphon 82 Handler app, then both links I can download apps from my 2 links so given that if 1 link does not work, you can download the app from other links.

Step To Get Airtel Free Unlimited Internet 2G/3G/4G

Step 1st :- First of all, you have to install and open Psiphon 82 Handler App in your Android mobile. And note that your SIM data should be connected.

Step 2nd :- Then when you open the First Time Psiphon 82 Handler App, you will have 1 option of Attention, right click in the box and click on OK button on permissions i trust This Application.

Step 3rd :- You will have 2 options Tunnel Whole Device And Only This Browser So Click On Tunnel Whole Device.

Step 4th :- Then it will start automatically connecting your app but you will have to click it on the stop button and write the option above, then you have to click it.

Step 5th :- After clicking on the option it is to click on your menu handler and make full settings like the settings below. 

Show On Start: Right Click

FrontQuery: Blank

MiddleQuery: Blank

BackQuery: Blank

Filter: Blank

Add Port to non-Port URL: Blank

Remove Port: Blank Box

Proxy Types: Real Host

Custom Header:X-Online-Host

Proxy Server:

Username: Blank

Password: Blank

Real Proxy Types: Default

Real Proxy Server: Blank

Real Proxy Port: 80

Child Lock: Blank Box

Step 6th :- Then you save it after all the settings.

Now you have to wait for only a few seconds and when you connect Psiphon 82 Handler App, then you have to minimize this app and now you will be able to run the free internet on your mobile, so now you can run anything.

If you like this trick, then you can follow our website and share this post to your friend so that they can also enjoy  Psiphon 82 Handler free internet. Goodbye to you in the next post.

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