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Airtel Free Internet Free 1GB Data Per Day

airtel free Internet 1gb per day

Airtel Free Internet – How to Get Free Internet On Your Airtel Sim

Friends will tell you in today that how you can free Internet the Airtel SIM card, that too, 1 GB Free Internet every day, this trick is absolutely free. For this, just make some small settings of your mobile and you can get up to 1 gb of free daily If you were able to use the data then if you had any recharge, now you do not need to get any recharge, you keep typing so many tricks on your website In Because . 1 thing and tell me this is an upper trick, the name of which is the handler VPN app, with the help of this VPN app, we will run the free internet and then keep the same trick of Airtel for you and bring it to Airtel SIM hack. In today’s trick you will learn how Use Airtel New Trick For 1MB High Speed Free internet with unlimited Free Internet.So Lets Get Started.

Step To Get Airtel Free Internet Free 1GB Data Per Day

  • First of all you have to open your phone’s data, your data and balance will continue to be 0.
  • Then you have to download the Ultrasurf handler VPN app on your phone.

Airtel Free 1Gb Daily Internet Trick

  • Then you have to open your Ultrasurf handler VPN.
  • Then you have to do the following settings in your mobile.

Show On Start: Right Click

FrontQuery: Blank

MiddleQuery: Blank

BackQuery: Blank

Filter: Blank

Add Port to non Port URL: Blank

Remove Port: Non Right

Proxy Type: Real Host

Custom Header: X-Online-Host

Proxy Server:

User name: Blank

Password: Blank

Real Proxy Type: Default 

Real Proxy Server: Blank

Real Proxy Port: 80

Child Lock: Non Right

Child Lock Code: Blank

Airtel Free 1GB Data Daily Use Free 1GB Data Daily On AIrtel

Airtel's gift of 30GB

  • After all the settings are done, you have to click on the Save button.

  • then You Have To Come Tunnel Whole Device Option So Click On It And Also Allow All Trams And Conditions.
  • after Your Handler VPN Connect Automatically.

Airtel Free 1 GB Data Daily For 1 Month

  • after the connect you vpn you status bar have show one key means now you enjoy free internet.


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