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Airtel 4G Hotspot now available only ₹ 399 with 50GB per month with unlimited data

Airtel New offer ₹399 84GB/84Days

Airtel New Offer 4g hotspot with ₹399 only 50 GB Free

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Airtel has created a new bundled rental plan for new Airtel 4G Hotspot buyers in India. Interested users can now hire Airtel 4G hotspot. 399 per mother and new bundle will give 50GB monthly 4G data along with it. This means if you have a Rs 399 monthly rental plan, you get an Airtel 4G hotspot and 50GB data per month. After the completion of 50GB data cap, you get the speed of unlimited internet to 80Kbps.


This new bundle is already live on the offer Airtel website, and it eliminates the need to purchase a separate Airtel 4G hotspot device and buy another plan for data usage. This new Airtel Rs 399 bundle plan enables the user to get both profits without paying too much. To remember, Airtel 4G hotspot has recently cut the price. Available in 999 as a standalone product on Amazon.

It is worth noting that users must pay Rs. Hire 399 per month to continue utilizing the benefits. Airtel said that unused data will be rolled out next month. The device requires an Airtel SIM card to work, and like a SIM card on a mobile phone, it needs to be recharged periodically. If the Airtel 4G network is not available in one area, the hotspot will switch to 3G network. On its official webpage, the company claims that the device can connect upto 10 devices at a time, and saves up to 6 hours of battery life. The company says on its terms and conditions page that if the SIM is removed from the device, the benefit will be eliminated.

Airtel 4G Hotspot is facing the biggest competition from the JioFi M2S 4G hotspot dongle, which offers similar features. Reliance Jio announced a new offer under which customers have to pay JioOfi 4G Hotspot Devices Rs 999 for exchange of their old non-live modem or dongle and buy new Jio users Rs 2200

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