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5 Most Downloaded Apps in The World

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Talking about the data of mobile apps, there are 5 apps in the list of most downloaded apps in the world, which is the most used smartphone. Most people download a lot of app in their phone, but today we are going to tell you about those apps that are talking about the most downloaded app by people in the world these days.

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Whatsapp: This is a chat application for which a mobile network is not required, it can also run from a WiFi connection. This is the most popular app around the world. Use it to group chat, group video calls and send photos and files to each other.

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Facebook: Facebook is one of the most used apps this time. Users on Facebook prefer to be most active. Most people use it to stay connected with social media.

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Messenger: This is another Facebook application that many people do fall. Most people who use the Facebook app also use Messenger.

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Instagram: In today’s time, from celebrities to common people, instagram is also used and likes to be active on it. Like this Facebook app, you can connect with all your friends.

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Snapchat: After Facebook and Instagram, people are now seen using Snapchat. In addition to Facebook, Messenger, people who have a smartphone have this app too easily. Nowadays it’s growing in youth.


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