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5 Hidden Features of Xiaomi phone

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5 Hidden Features of Xiaomi phone

Friends, most people use Xiaomi Phone India, but they do not know about all its features, then today I am going to tell you about 5 such features of Xiaomi phone that you will be able to use your phone better. |

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1- Dial Pad Touch Tones: When we dial a number from our phone, only the basic touch tone is heard at that time, but in Xiaomi’s phone, you can change it, open the dial pad, open the menu, go to Advanced Settings. Click on the dial pad touch tones and select the piano. Whenever you dial a number, you will hear the sound of the piano.

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2- Incoming call flash light: If you want to have your phone’s flashlight turned off at the time when you get a call, then you can install it in Xiaomi phone without any third party app in the call settings. After that, click on the incoming call settings, after that the flash will turn on when ringing. Now the phone’s flashlight will blink on every incoming call.

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3- Dual app: If you want to run two Whatsapp in your phone, for this you will have to go to the settings of your Xiaomi phone, then click on the dual app and click on the app you want to clone, now you You will be able to use two apps comfortably on your phone.

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4- Emergency SOS: Through this, you can share your location with your family members at the time of emergency and take help, go to the settings to activate the emergency service, then click on the emergency SOS and click on it You can also share your past one-hour call history with family members, to use it, you have to press your power button 5 times.

5- Second space: This feature of Xiaomi phone is the most awesome, in this you can clone your entire phone, I will explain to you by an example as if you have one phone but you have two people using it, then you You can use the second space feature, go to settings and click on the second space option, then set the password and that’s it. Now you can control your phone using two passwords. Can do

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