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32-inch Smart LED TV Rs 4,999 In 10 Big Things

SAMY Informatics has launched a 32-inch Smart LED TV in India. The company claims that it is Android-based, but it is not clear whether it is a custom OS or it runs on Android.

Indian Startup Samy Informatics has launched India’s 32-inch Smart LED TV. Its price is its specialty. It costs 4,999 rupees, but you have to give GST and delivery charge separately. We have a special interaction with founder director Avinash Mehta of this company. Here you can learn everything about this TV in 10 points.

1. Avinash Kumar says, ‘You can not buy it without any basis and you have to download the app to buy it. This is because we have found that people buy it by dismantling it and selling its parts’

2. This TV will be delivered to your home and it will not be available offline. The company’s director has said that it is completely cash-on delivery. That is, the TV will be installed at your home only then you have to pay for it.

3. The company has been in the market for almost three years and is selling another TV. Now 32-inch TV has been introduced.

4. Avinash Kumar has told that the company earns money from the advertisement shown in TV. On TV, you will see some promotions. However you will be able to skip them.

5. According to the company, it offers a three-year warranty. It is onsite warranty and the service will be free for one year. The next two years will be the money for the TV service. You will not need to take it somewhere.

6. We asked Avinash Kumar about Freedom 251 Fraud made by Ringing Bells. He said, ‘We have been selling TV in the market for 2 years. Customers also offer feedback. There is also a photo of customers with a TV on our page. When we sell TV, ask the customer and take pictures of them with the TV and update it on their page. If we want customers, we also add their contact ‘

7. This TV will be available at First short First serve basis. According to the company, due to having a stock, the one who booked earlier will get the first TV. The co-founder of the company has also said that he had not come in the media two years ago because people will feel that they are doing fraud and keep on selling the TV for 2 years. This time the new TV variant has been launched.

8. This 32-inch TV has 512MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage. The sound output is of 20W and there is also SRS Dolby Digital. Like other smart TVs, you can also connect it to your smartphone.

9. This TV has 2 USB ports, two HDMI port and VGA port. You can also cast the screen by connecting it to the HDMI cable.

10. The app that needs to buy this TV is available only on Google Play Store.

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