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3 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps 2020

Best WhatsApp Alternatives & Competitors [2020

Top 3 WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps: Social media has become a party in our life. And in that too, WhatsApp wakes up in the morning, first of all, check in the mobile what must have come, in our Whatsapp, which friend must have sent us the message. So today I will tell you about three alternative apps of WhatsApp i.e. those which work like WhatsApp but they have more and more features than WhatsApp.

If you are bored with WhatsApp, then today I will tell you about the best alternative apps of 3 WhatsApp here. You can check those apps, if you like them, you can also use them instead of your WhatsApp. There are many people who use one of these three alternative apps, not WhatsApp. So you can also connect through your friends and family through these apps and in these apps you will get something extra from WhatsApp. So let me tell you about them.

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Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps


Hike is also like WhatsApp, as we message in WhatsApp, we create a group, in the same way you can also message in hike and make a group. But there are many such features in Hike that you will not find in WhatsApp, and if you start using Hike then you will forget like WhatsApp because there are many such features in Hike that you will definitely like, then let me Let me tell you the best features of hike that you can like very much.

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News – If you are also fond of reading news then Hike gives you the facility to read news in five different languages. Which you do not find in WhatsApp. You can read news of the day in five different languages ​​of which Hindi is the main language.

App Themes – In WhatsApp you do not get any type of theme option, but if you are using hike then in Hike you will get many different themes so that you can refresh your mind every time and feel like you do not. Meets


20000+ Stickers – In Hike you can use the speaker. Speakers are some small clip photos or not. If you want to write hi, you can go to the diet speaker and send a hi photo or like you have good morning Or if you want to write good night then you do not need to write for it, you can go to the speaker and send a sticker.

Live Cricket Score – If you are fond of cricket and you have to watch live score again and again, then you can see the live score of all the live matches of cricket in the hike, this feature is not found in WhatsApp.


Top 12 Whatsapp Alternative Apps

Telegram is the second best alternative to WhatsApp. And you get more features in Telegram than WhatsApp. In which you can create a channel, you can create a group and individual can message your friends, then we can also create a group in WhatsApp, but there is no option to create a channel in WhatsApp, you can create a channel or personal channel of any business. And you can add your friends to that channel and give them new information time to time by you.

In the channel, apart from yourself, you can also administer some of your friends and if you want, you can share new news information and people with that channel. The option to create a group is only in the Telegram app, you can create a group and everyone in the group can chat with each other. Telegram is a Microsoft application that is almost similar to WhatsApp. So if you want to chat with some different feeling from WhatsApp, want to create a group or want to create a channel, then you can also use Telegram app. You can download Telegram app from Google Play Store.

Google Allo

Best Alternative Messaging Apps to WhatsApp in 2020

Google allo is a messenger app of Google, you can message your friends by using Google Aloo that you can send a photo send video send, if you want, you can send a document in it. In Google Hello, you can do video messages without leggings very well. This is very popular due to it being Google’s app. People who use Google are also using Google Halo. However, there are a lot of changes coming in Google Aloe and Google wants Google Lock to be the best messenger app among users.

Apart from these three best WhatsApp alternative apps, I would also like to tell you about some more apps. Like you can use viber, Skype, WeChat, ChatOn, Facebook Massenger etc. Like you can use Messenger too.

So friends, these were our 3 best WhatsApp alternative apps of today. Hope you would have liked this article, if you have any questions, then write your questions in the comment box below. And if you know about some other apps besides these, then by commenting in the comment box below, I will try my best to add them to this article.

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