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Now 11 digits will be your mobile number

TRAI proposes 11-digit mobile numbers to meet future needs

TRAI wants to change your 10-digit phone number into 11

Get ready for mobile phones of 11 numbers instead of 10 numbers. Very soon our phone number is going to be 11 digits instead of 10 digits. Suggestions have come from the government for this. It will be implemented soon. Telecom Regulatory of India (TRAI) on Friday issued a proposal to use the 11-digit mobile number in the country. According to TRAI, more numbers can be made available in the country by replacing 10-digit mobile number with 11-digit mobile number.

Will be able to create 10 billion mobile numbers of 11 digits
According to TRAI, if the mobile number is changed to 11 digits instead of 10, then the availability of mobile numbers in the country will increase. The regulator said that if the mobile number is changed to 11 digits and the first number is kept to 9, then a total of 10 billion mobile numbers can be created in the country.

Advice to apply zero first to call mobile from land line
The regulator also suggested that for making a call on a mobile phone from a land line, it should be necessary to put a zero before the mobile number. Now calls can also be made from fixed line to mobile without charging zero.

Apart from this, a new national numbering plan has also been suggested, which is to be made available soon. Also, TRAI has suggested increasing the mobile number used for dongles from 10 digits to 13 digits. Now, soon your 10 digit mobile number is going to be 11 digits.

It is noteworthy that in view of the increasing number of mobile phone customers in the last few years, TRAI has been negotiating a proposal to change the mobile number to 11 digits instead of 10 digits for the last several years. However, this time it is being hoped that this step will be implemented. (PTI Input)

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